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Choosing the Best Label Printer

February 7, 2023
Direct Thermal Label

Direct Thermal Label

To print directly onto labels composed of direct thermal material, a direct thermal label printer is necessary. These labels include a unique layer that allows the printer to heat-print directly onto the label. This makes it possible for the necessary data to be printed on the label. The fact that you can print on the labels without using ink ribbons, ink toners, or ink cartridges is a major benefit. As a result, this alternative is the most economical one. Additionally, the prints are better suited for a limited lifespan. Because of this, it might eventually have a negative impact on the labels' readability owing to wear.

We provide two different types of direct thermal labels in a range of colours and sizes, namely ECO and TOP material.
When properly maintained in a dark, cool location with a constant temperature of 20–22 °C, the labels made of ECO material are appropriate for single use and have a maximum lifespan of one year. ECO materials lack a covering that would shield them against UV rays, moisture, lubricants, and alcohol.

On the other hand, labels made of TOP material feature a layer that protects against UV radiation, moisture, oils, and alcohol. As a result, the labels can last up to 2 years when properly maintained in a dark, cool location with a consistent temperature of 20–22 °C.

Thermal Transfer Label

In a thermal transfer label printer, ink ribbons are used to produce the labels. Because they are produced with ink rather than a special layer, these labels do not have one. In order to print the required text on the labels, the ink ribbon is heated in the printer.
Your labels will stay legible and clear for a longer amount of time thanks to this printing technology. However, an ink ribbon is required for printing onto the labels.

Does the average lifespan of your goods/products exceed two years? the use of our thermal transfer labels is highly advised!

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